You want to be more authentically you.


To feel good in your own skin.


You want to take action.


You want to live on purpose.


You want to be even more successful.


You want to have a love that supports you.


You want to feel confident in your body.

You need a guide.

A mental navigator that can help you understand why you’re stuck.


Then let that mental barrier go.


I can be that person for you.


My clients are rock stars.


They don’t just talk about changing. They take action.


They get results. They move forward with their lives.


They let go of their past {Jaclyn rid herself of Chron’s Disease when she did}.


They stop drinking {Kathrine lost all interest in being a party girl}.


They change their careers {Beth left her modeling career and became a nutritionist}.


They know they are enough {Jessica stopped doubting herself and lost weight as a result}.


They stop living in overwhelm, take action and set boundaries.


With Rapid Transformation Therapy {RTT}, we access the moments in your life that created negative or limiting beliefs.


When we understand how your subconscious mind feels this belief is helping you to survive, we can change it.


We help your reptilian mind {that automatically makes 90% of our decisions} understand that this isn’t serving you.


Then we change that belief using hypnosis which creates new thought patterns that empower you.


You move forward.


It’s a incredible process.


In one to three sessions you will feel a profound change.

Here’s The Deal…

I’m a certified RTT practitioner.


I do this because it works.


It worked for me.


After 10+ years of struggling with low self-esteem, feeling unworthy of love and connection, and trying everything under the sun…


…one on one coaching with a New York Times best selling author


…energy healing with Reiki


…connecting with my spirit guides


…walking on fire


…countless workshops and seminars


…numerous psychology classes


…endless self help books


This was what worked and finally helped me shift my belief that I was broken.


For me that took a few sessions.


The mental clarity, sense of purpose and self-worth in my bones that followed have been life altering.


I do this because I care.


I want you to feel that boulder roll off your back, never to return.


One on One RTT

If you’d like to find out about becoming my client, here’s how it works…


First, you sign up for a strategy call with me by clicking the button below. You fill out the form and let me know more about you and what you’re struggling with.


Then you’ll be taken to my calendar to choose a time that works for you.


I will call you on the date and time you choose. We’ll speak for 15-20 minutes. You’ll get all your questions answered and we will decide if I am a good fit for your needs.


If we both decide to move forward we’ll book our first session together.


I only book one session at a time.


In two to three weeks I follow up with you and see how you’re feeling. Most of my clients only need one RTT session, but other issues {like low self-worth, depression, traumas, physical ailments} can require up to three sessions.


Booking additional sessions is your choice.


Spaces for these free calls are very limited.


You can book your discovery call with me by clicking the button below.


Your life is about to change.


I will guide you.


Don’t stay lost.


Follow me.


Ready To Start Your Transformation?

Lacey and RTT were truly transformational for me for a number of reasons. My primary reason for reaching out to Lacey was in regards to a public speaking. What we uncovered made total sense and explained why I was a certain way since birth. …a number of other “issues” that I didn’t even realize were “issues” healed along the way.

I realized I was “self-medicating” social anxiety with cocktails for even the most casual things that are commonplace in my life always needed a glass of wine first, and now that’s a secondary thought as I’m no longer afraid to show up in my own skin. I also saw a pattern of sabotaging career, relationships, etc., if I felt that they would end up with speaking situations – no longer an issue.

I also noticed the way I was perceived by others quickly pivoted. People were more receptive to me in daily interactions, as my own vibration was elevated across the board. I am excited to see how the speech goes later this year, confident that it will go great and no longer ​reliant on avoidance or alcohol. It’s been a huge burden, weight lifted, and I can only imagine how this will continue to positively snowball in my life.” – Katherine G.

Lacey helped me deal with my life long feelings of worthiness. With a gentle, yet firm and friendly hand, she guided me to some long forgotten moments in my past that helped lift the feelings of not enough-ness I’ve been dealing with for ages. I was able to confront a huge source of this in my life with poise, felt more confident in my day to day dealings and even dropped a few pounds along the way!

It’s hard to put a finger on the magic that Lacey is able to create in her sessions. It’s the perfect combo of support, fun, seriousness and generosity of spirit that were the right mix to help me heal this life long issue. My gratitude toward her, and this RTT experience, is profound.” – Jessica E.

“Comfort is the word that comes to mind in working with Lacey. After the initial consult call I was confident in her skills as a RTT practitioner and also that I would feel comfortable going through the process with her.

All my questions were answered and Lacey was compassionate, caring, and also fun to work with! I’m grateful to have had this opportunity and I’m excited to see how this all unfolds for me.” – Nicole R.

Lacey provided the space for feeling safe and at ease throughout a process that can seem daunting. Her warm, caring nature set the stage for a very positive experience and her insights shed light on aspects of my life that I had never considered quite that way before. I highly recommend her RTT services!” – Emily H.

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