There Are Two Types Of People In The World

1. Those who sit and watch their dreams pass them by, plagued by self-doubt and fear, and

2. Those who radiate confidence and go out and bring their vision to life

My skill is helping you let go of the fears and doubts and become your most radiant self quickly




That’s Because Our Unconscious Mind Makes 90% Of Our Decisions Without Us

I help you understand why you’re stuck, train your mind to work for you & create new empowering beliefs that serve you.

Our brain is the most powerful tool on the planet and the most advanced technology we’ve encountered. Yet most of us don’t have any control over it.

Managing the thoughts in your brain is the most effective tool we have to change our lives dramatically, quickly and with ease.

Our beliefs are the thoughts we’ve had so repeatedly that they became our truth. With RTT, I will show you the tools to understand and change your beliefs.

Hi! I’m Lacey Grevious {gree-vo}


Rapid Transformation Therapist.
Creator of A Damn Good Life Podcast.


I help men & women

regain their confidence,

know they deserve the love they want,

get past the old stories keeping them stuck,

release their insecurities,

heal their bodies,

and step up and succeed in their lives…

using RTT that can happen

unbelievably quickly.


You can have the understanding

and clarity of why you keep repeating

the same old patterns and then,

change them.


I’ll help you every step of the way.


Want In?



I help you use your mind to make your dreams come true

Find Clarity

Understand How The Experience And Stories Of Your Past Created Beliefs That Are Keeping You Stuck

Let Go Of The Story

Release The Old Thoughts And Beliefs So You Stop Self Sabotaging And Start Moving Forward

Become Empowered

Create New Beliefs That Help You Create And Attract What You Want Into Your Life

How RTT Has Changed My Client’s Lives

“I first found out about Lacey through the Jess Lively’s Flow with Intention Online community. During our initial call, I spoke about how I wanted to eliminate feelings of resentment towards others and habit of holding grudges. I could not think of a time when I let something go other than simply forgetting the event. As an expecting mother, I wanted desperately to clear or at least get clarity on this negative belief in the hopes that I would not be passing this feeling onto my daughter.

I had tried so many things like self-help books, meditation, Reiki, magnetic clearing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more. Some of those helped, but I felt like nothing got to the root of the issue. One session with Lacey and less than a month of listening to the personalized recording was all I needed! I had recalled four memories and even though they weren’t necessarily new, I had never recognized the similarities. And the way that Lacey analyzed each memory as it arose was just such a joy and felt effortless.

I learned new perspectives that you’d think I would’ve noticed in my million times of playing the situations over in my head. My 25 year old self was in shock honestly. I had spent years trying to address this issue and couldn’t believe that I finally found something that worked! I still listen to recording when feeling a bit off and it lightens me right back up. I’m looking forward to working on other limiting beliefs and behaviors with Lacey. She is absolutely a joy to work with!” – Khala S.

I was in a very co-depended relationship for 8 years. Through RTT I was able to better understand the events of childhood that contributed to that behavioral pattern. A few weeks post-session, I have already seen major shifts in my mind-set around my ex-boyfriend, but also and arguably more importantly around how I feel about myself.

My energy and attitude is up, as well! I’m so grateful for my experience of working with Lacey and I have already recommended her to loved ones in my life. Thank you for all that you are doing! <3″ – Ericka T.

“Lacey was a wonderful therapist. I have had no sign of my Crohn’s Disease since our session which is a miracle! I’ve tried SO MANY things to ease my Crohn’s and RTT is the only thing that has truely given me relief (and this includes surgery, medicines, eastern medicine, diet change and lifestyle changes!). I am so grateful!

I also have a much deeper understanding of why I have made a lot of life choices and am excited to change my future based on the findings from our time together! Right after our session I felt a physical weight lifted from my chest and stomach and I knew this was not a joke. I would highly recommend trying RTT- even if you are a little nervous!” Jaclyn W.

 “I experienced a tragedy when I was 21 years old and as a result I have done quite a lot of healing work. I did everything from therapy to energy healing, therapy and Landmark. In of all those modalities, I have never been able to uncover the originating moment where I decided something was wrong and I needed to be responsible. RTT is the only approach that has let me identify and experience that orginating moment, and release it by retraining my brain. I’m so grateful!”

Sara M.

Lacey was so supportive throughout the whole process, from introductory call to RTT session to our follow up conversations. She is very clearly genuinely invested in her clients and their lives, and makes effort from an authentic place. Thank you Lacey!”

Leah B.

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